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I’ve been sitting on this project for a while. The original dress can be found here at All-About-Style. What I present you is a mask/overlay edit I did for a cute Freezer Bunny dress. I made it as recolorable as possible so your bunny can be any color or pattern you can imagine.

Enabled for everyday and formal. Keep in mind that ladies with big melons are going to have bunnies with big ears!

Download: Package 

New stuff is over here. I won’t be updating this site anymore.

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True to my word, I bring yet another tattoo. This one was a lot of fun even if it took longer than the last pack combined. The apple, slime, and stem are fully recolorable and look pretty cool in a variety of combinations.

I have been told that ambitions is not required, you just need to be patched up to 1.22. So yay!

I scaled it up really big for the preview, but it still looks good until you try to fit it on really small places like hands.

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Terms: Don’t link to it with adfly because only a total jerk would do that and I know none of you are total jerks, right? Don’t reupload and say you made it because that’s also something a total jerk would do. 

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8 Bit Ink by Simbolism

I’ve decided that I simply don’t have enough tattoos in my game, so consider this part 1 of who knows how many different tattoo packs. Ambitions is of course required and each one has 3 recolorable channels.

Individually labeled so you can pick and choose the ones you want.

Download Alternate Download

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Anonymous asked: Why is it that everything you upload is amazing? <3

Well this made my day, Anon. Thank you :) 

I wish I could get my game running smoother so I could do some updates or something D: 

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RENEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (i dont know why but felt the need to scream his name, lmao)

It’s okay Darling, I screamed too!

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Renee Jun got his grown up makeover tonight. Oh man what have I unleashed…

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I lost track of how many hairs I’ve retextured since last night. Maybe 80 something? 90? Ah well, break time! *Slides out of chair and crumples to floor*

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I have made it my new mission to take all of the hair out of my game and retexture it so it all matches. If you never hear from me again, it’s because I died from biting off more than I can chew.

Update! Retextured 21 hairs with 440 more to sort through. Am I crazy? maybe. Will I be happier with my game? Yes!

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Marshal nearly jumped out of his skin, slamming the lid down and turning to face him. “Jesus, Renee! You scared the shit out of me.”

"Sorry for that too then," he smirked. "Sorry for snapping though. I like very specific things intimately. I like women and I like control."

"Like… like bondage stuff?"

"Yes, that’s a decent example," he replied. "Though it’s far more complicated than just tying someone up."

"So you’d rather be the one to start a kiss."

"Yes, but not with you. I’m sorry."

"It’s fine," Marshal lied.

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Marshal did what he did best, and that was shut up and try to forget everything he’d done wrong. TV only did the trick for so long, so he eventually got up to go start the laundry he’d been meaning to start since… last Thursday. Yikes.

He hadn’t heard any movement from Renee’s room since they got home, but that wasn’t unusual. He often forgot he had a room mate at all. The man was light on his feet, so naturally Marshal didn’t hear him coming down the stairs.

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